Why should I Sponsor PWN of Durango?

PWN is a local non-profit organization with the mission to create an environment where women connect, grow, and inspire each other to reach new levels of success. We elevate and empower the women in Durango to do remarkable things and exceed their goals. 

Unique, Targeted Marketing Lists: PWN has an email list and social media following of professional women in Durango and surrounding areas. Our members include business owners, hiring managers and executives. With women driving 70-80% of consumer purchasing decisions, getting your organization in front of this group can be a powerful driver. 

Local Partnerships: PWN has a long established history with the Women’s Resource Center. Your sponsorship allows clients from the Women’s Resource Center to participate in La Plata County networking events for free. The opportunity to connect with business owners, managers and other high powered women in Durango can be life changing for these women. Your sponsorship allows us to continue this partnership and give back.

La Plata County Networking Opportunities: PWN cultivates a diverse group of women who are interested in networking and supporting local businesses. Virtual and in person events allow you to create intimate relationships and grow your business. Our passion for growth keeps us continually innovating and working towards creating resources for professional women. PWN is always looking for new ways to connect and support our community and local businesses.

Current Sponsors

Thank you for your support of PWN. We really appreciate your commitment to our mission and the ladies of Durango. Make sure you login to get your free event tickets and access to sponsor and member only pages!


Our generous sponsors allow our organization to continue providing inspiration, mentorship and growth to women in La Plata County. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring us, please click here to see the PWN Sponsorship Packages.


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