Kelly Jean Miller - Board Member


Hi there, I’m Kelly Jean Miller. As a passionate advocate for transformation, I cater to the needs of creative solopreneurs right here in the vibrant heart of Durango, Colorado. I view the world as a canvas of untapped potential, firmly believing in the power of effective marketing to unlock your dreams of financial freedom, meaningful relationships, balanced work-life, and unbounded exploration. 


Recovering from burnout, I launched a consulting business bringing a rich background in managing all aspects of the non-profit sector and a passion for helping creatives thrive. My approach is a fusion of hands-on work, teaching, coaching, and guiding, all executed with the perfect balance of tenacity and gentleness. 


With online training workshops and business development summits on the horizon, my commitment to your growth is unwavering. My core values are deeply rooted in cultivating healthy relationships, loving your neighbors, and treating all life with respect and dignity. In my world, marketing isn’t just a tool for business growth; it’s a catalyst for transformation – personal and professional. 


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