Blair Ohmert – Board Secretary

Blair Ohmert is a Colorado native and moved to Durango five years ago. Durango holds a special place in her heart because it gives people the opportunity to be in a vast variety of landscapes in a matter of minutes or hours. You can be peeking over the rim of the Grand Canyon, a Wonder of the World, in five short hours!  Blair has always been an entrepreneur at heart and has always pursued her interests. She owns a jewelry shop on Etsy, loves photographing anything that can stand still, and enjoys keeping up with the growing area. She is competitive and a force to be reckoned with. Friends describe her as fiercely loyal and a great listener.  Blair’s business is centered around her clients and their needs. She believes her job is to be of the best service to her clients and add value to their real estate experience whether it’s picking out their dream home, saying goodbye to a lifetime of memories, or helping them on their next big investment. She believes success is created by being of service to others and is a by-product of helping all walks of life, so her clients have the peace of mind that she is putting their needs before hers. She is committed to being a lifetime learner and prides herself on her resourcefulness.


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